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Energy Analytics in Action: Commercial and Industrial Users

With the dramatic increase in power market and energy data from deregulation and smart grid applications, companies of all sizes and industries...

Case Study: How Big Data Helped Albertsons Cut Energy Costs

When Albertsons Companies needed to cut costs on energy expenditures, they found a solution with kWantera's energy market platform, Faraday. 

kWantera Year in Review 2016

It’s been a busy year here at kWantera. We’ve launched our Faraday platform, announced new and exciting business alliances with industry leaders,...

The 2014 Polar Vortex & Electricity Prices: A Look Back

December 2016

The polar vortex is finally almost over.

Q&A: kWantera CEO Kyle O'Connor on GE Renewables Relationship

We’re excited to announce that we’ve teamed up with GE Renewables to provide our energy intelligence software to renewable generators.

An Interview with a kWantera Energy Data Scientist

There are few fields as red hot as data science. In virtually every industry, the demand for analytical skills has risen.

The History of Energy Deregulation

To understand the deregulated energy market, one must appreciate what exactly deregulation is and the implications that it has for businesses and...

What is Peak Load and Peak Load Contribution?

As a participant in the deregulated energy market, you enjoy the advantages of increased competition. Deregulation allows you to reap the benefits...

The Importance of the Day Ahead / Real Time Energy Markets

In the wholesale energy market, understanding the rationale behind the pricing of electricity is crucial. Whether you are trading for profit or...

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